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The Aruban Resort Back To Normal

The Aruban Resort Renovation
The Aruban Resort renovation efforts

Before the The Aruban Resort has been acquired in 2007 it was an integral part of La Cabana Resort and carried the name La Cabana Villas. It consisted of a beach front part to the west and a part near the main roads to the east. After the acquisition La Cabana Resort (the beach front part) continued to carry the name, while La Cabana Villas became The Aruban Resort At Eagle Beach.

The relationship between the two La Cabanas was always kind of awkward, at times strained, due to ownership issues. I thought the purchase of La Cabana Villas by KL Company would bring the property smooth sailing going forward. Not quite. It’s been tumultuous as of late.

The time share office was going to be shut down, people in that department were going to be released. Now, a spokes person for the “new owner” declared that the time share is continuing and the lay offs are being reversed. Renovation efforts are also going to be restarted. The Aruban saga continues. I would like to emphasize once more that the resort operation is running normally. To be continued.

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