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The Aruban Resort Is Open, Barely

The Aruban Resort (Ex-La Cabana Villas)

Oh Aruban Resort, how have you suffered the last few years. Belonging to one of the biggest resorts in Aruba (La Cabana), now you are there all alone on life support. After a bail-out of sorts you are moving forward, barely that is.

What’s going on? The Aruban Resort shut down last year, mostly due to poor management. As a result tourists were booked to other hotels and workers were laid off. Since The Aruban Resort re-opened thanks to the help of time share owners, AIB Bank and the island government. Till this day Key Largo Casino is still closed.

According to rumors a Canadian group has shown interest to acquire The Aruban Resort and properties. Let me tell you what’s at stake here: four 5 story buildings with two pools, Key Largo Casino complex and ex-Royal Cabana Casino in the midst of a construction. This is insane. The opportunity here is immense and a serious buyer/developer can really take this and take it the the next level by converting it into a multi purpose tourist hot spot.

By Gabriel

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