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The Aruban Resort Status Quo

It’s been a few months since investor Icahn Partners acquired default business and properties of The Aruban Resort. Apart from opening the resort the new owners hasn’t done much else.

Former Key Largo Casino is still closed and former Royal Cabana Casino is an unfinished construction. Cleaning crews have worked at Key Largo and it was supposed to open soon thereafter but never did.

The Aruban Resort (Ex-La Cabana Villas)
The Aruban Resort in better times

The other day I saw some people in business attire driving around there in a golf cart doing what looked like be a site inspection. As of today nothing changed. The Aruban is open for business and that’s it. From what I understand former employees are still waiting for their indemnification from the defunct business so legal issues need to be resolved as well.

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