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The Cliff Condo Pictures

The Cliff Condo Titles
The Cliff project titles

Today I drove by The Cliff condo project to see what’s going on and grabbed the opportunity to take a couple of shots. The title of this post is a bit suggestive as you can see in the pictures above that the The Cliff’s construction has yet to start.

The preparations for the start of the construction seem to have come to an end. The construction itself should start soon. However, it’s doubtful this is going to happen just yet. As The Cliff and Oceania Residences projects are done by the same people, it’s doubtful there is enough man power on the island to do both projects (and many others) simultaneously. In fact, when I drove by Oceania Residences today around 4 pm, there was little movement visible. I could only observe a handful of the crew.

The project board lacks some additional information, such as inaugural date and condo prices. I took the liberty to look into my crystal ball and project some sort of opening, albeit a first phase, somewhere in the second quarter next year, as long there isn’t any unforeseen delays.

If you are curious on what the end result is going to look like, I wrote about it on a previous occasion. Click for more information on The Cliff Condominium (website off air).

The Cliff Condo Ground
The other side of the board; no construction yet

Update: This development has since been canceled.

Update 2: Reports suggest this development is going to be resumed. (May, 2010)

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