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Top 5 Reasons Eagle Beach Is Better Than Palm Beach

Before I start make a comparison between Aruba’s two most popular beaches, I would like to remind everyone that this island is rich of many more wonderful beaches throughout the west and south parts.

If you ask yourself where else one can go, please visit the beaches section at to have an idea what other beaches you might want to visit. Not all of them are accessible by bus or taxi, make sure you rent a vehicle.

Eagle Beach and Palm Beach are by far the most two popular beaches for two reasons. About 80% of the hotel rooms are at either beaches and the beaches are easily accessible.

There are differences between the two beaches and in my opinion the there are 5 reason why you should consider visiting Eagle Beach instead of Palm Beach.

  1. There is much less people using Eagle Beach as opposed to Palm Beach. The biggest resorts are located at Palm Beach, therefore making Eagle Beach less crowded. Palm Beach resorts tend to have another pesky problem, namely the lack of sufficient shade for tourist at the beaches, especially early morning. There are just too many hotel rooms or people to share the available huts at the beaches. Some tourists wake up on god forbidden hours for vacationers (5am!) to find a beach chair with a decent hut.
  2. From the point of view of someone who isn’t staying at a particular resort, Eagle Beach is the more accessible beach of the two. Resorts don’t block the beach, unlike Palm Beach, where parking is notoriously difficult. There is one spot where there is an exception, namely the piece of Palm Beach between Divi Aruba Phoenix and The Westin. Ironically when a beach is more accessible it would make it busier, not so in Aruba. Locals don’t visit beaches frequently, therefore making Eagle Beach more attractive for the “neutral” visitor seeking peace and quietness.
  3. Beach quality at Eagle Beach seems better than at Palm Beach. Now, I must admit, this one is a subjective call. I’ve been to many parts of both beaches and according to my findings I must admit that both beaches are very good, but somehow Eagle Beach fares a little bit better in terms of the quality of the sand.
  4. This point is equally subjective as above, but I feel that the water quality and sea floor are better at Eagle Beach than Palm Beach. Both beaches are long stretched with a variable quality at many points. However, I feel that the overall quality of the water is slightly better at Eagle Beach.
  5. There are only a few water sport supply companies at Eagle Beach, meanwhile at Palm Beach there are many of them. Having the option on going around in the water using these motor crafts is fun and all but it surely makes the sea busier. Less aquatic equals more tranquility equals more peace.

Perhaps the differences aren’t that big for you, which is perfectly fine. Fact of the matter is that if you are a person who works hard all year long and visits this island in search of quietness, all the little things help.

If you are looking for a good experience at a different beach other than the one at you resort I recommend visiting Eagle Beach, especially during the week. When you decide to visit another beach, aside the resort’s, I can offer you a few tips how to go about doing that.

I wrote a post on the fundamental differences between Eagle Beach and Palm Beach in a past post, which relates perfectly to this one.

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