Tripadvisor vs Oyster

I came across an interesting article recently about a new website which offers review services of hotels. The issue is what form of review is more believable/trustworthy: review from “real” travelers or review from professional travelers.

This is a though one. On the one side a review from fellow travelers gives you the real feel of fellow travelers, with all the emotions, passion and irrationality that might accompany the review. On the other side, pros are expected to give a cold, rational analysis.

Tripadvisor vs Oyster
Tripadvisor vs Oyster

Tripadvisor is the leader when it comes to opinions from travelers. It has a rating and ranking system for easy access for the best a city or island has to offer. Critics, however, claim that Tripadvisor’s system can be gamed, especially by competitors. Tripadvisor says it has enough tools to protect the integrity of its system.

Oyster is a new service which intents to offer review of hotels by professionals. From the pros we might expect a more rational approach, especially in case of incidents. The pros might be more inclined to be more experienced travelers, therefore comparing and finding similarities with other – Caribbean – resorts. Herein lies the danger. The level of service is different on all the islands and comparing isn’t always fair. In example, communication is important but not all resort staff on all the islands are able to speak your native language.

The beauty of the internet is that we don’t have to swear by neither system and can use both to our advantage. I think both will complement each other. Let’s give Oyster a chance as they are expanding their locations.

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