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Tropicana Aruba

When Icahn officials finalized the acquisition of former The Aruban Resort properties for $20 million they announced major investments. They didn’t put a number on it, as they are waiting on their architects and engineers to arrive in Aruba to make a complete assessment and offer management a full report.

I followed the press conference they offered after the acquisition and someone asked if they were planning to do something about the name. The Icahn official couldn’t answer the question with certainty – he’s not the decision maker – but suggested it might become Tropicana Aruba Beach Resort & Casino.

Take it from me, they are going to change the name. The brand “The Aruban Resort” has been damaged too much. They need to start from scratch. Plus, on several occasions I’ve said that the name is too generic to really compete. All resorts on the island are “Aruban” resorts.

Tropicana Aruba? NOTE: Photoshopped image!

Tropicana Aruba Beach Resort & Casino could very well become the new name for this property. Just this year Ichan Partners acquired Tropicana Casino & Resort in Atlantic City, New Jersey and it could fit into a strategy of a strong – international – brand. All the properties were acquired out of bankruptcy through auctions.

The name “Tropicana” fits perfectly with this Caribbean resort and together with major renovations The Aruban might become a major player going forward. Certainly current timeshare owners will benefit from the renovations in the resale market on the long term.

Currently there are two casino buildings. Key Largo Casino and former Royal Cabana Casino. I don’t think Key Largo is going to be used as a casino when all renovations are completed. Actually I think it will be transformed back into a restaurant. Previously is functioned separately as a restaurant (Outback Steak House), activities desk, child care center and storage.

Royal Cabana Casino (Tropicana Casino?) is going to be the main attraction. This is a huge building with lots of potential and location is best to none. The closest casino rival is old Alhambra Casino near Divi properties or unaccessible Casablanca Casino in The Westin. Bear in mind most acquisitions Icahn Partners did recently all included the casino business. Together with timeshare sales, the casino business are going to be the two most important revenue sources for Icahn partners. The hotel operation seems secondary.

Do you know what name the prestigious ballroom in Royal Cabana Casino had? Tropicana Showroom. FYI. Below some pictures I took yesterday.

Update: The Aruban Resort has been renamed online Tropicana Aruba Resort and Casino. As per October 2010 the titles of The Aruban Resort are still intact.

The Aruban Resort
The Aruban Resort today

The Aruban Resort
The Aruban Resort with a piece of Key Largo Casino

The Aruba & Key Largo
The Aruban and the casino building

The Aruba & Key Largo
The Aruban with Key Largo Casino near main road

Defunct Key Largo Casino
Defunct Key Largo Casino

Defunct Key Largo Casino
Former Key Largo Casino Bar & Restaurant

Former Royal Cabana Casino
Massive building former Royal Cabana Casino

Former Royal Cabana Casino
Royal Cabana Casino and Key Largo Casino in the right coner

By Gabriel

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43 replies on “Tropicana Aruba”

I’ve visited Aruba for 12 years. Was very sad last year when we found The Aruban closed. We are very happy to hear that some sort of settlement and the resort reopened. I just would like to know if when I arrive in December 2010 the little casino (the old Key Largo) will be opened. We have timeshare at La Cabana and it is very nice to have a casino in walking distance. I would appreciate an answer if possible. Good luck and congratulations.

The new owners said they will make work of Key Largo Casino and said to open it as soon as possible. You ask me if I could open by December. I think it just might. Key Largo is a small building and requires only minor renovations to get it to code. I’m just speculating but I think chances are big that it’s going to be open by then. I know for a fact that recruiting for new staff in the casino’s bar/restaurant has already begun.

For starters reopening of the resort means the value of your unit – whatever it may be at this point – will remain steady. The free fall has stopped. Naturally owners must feel some relief that a wealthy party has acquired the resort. If Icahn Partners deliver on their promises and do invest in the resort as promised this could mean that the value of your unit will increase significantly in the long term.

Your ownership rights remain intact. According to the purchase deed, the unit is and will remain yours, this hasn’t changed. The only thing I would look out for after the renovations are the new maintenance fees that tend to raise considerably after fresh investments.

June is ending. How about the little casino Key Largo. Are they working on it´s opening or things still the same? the big one will take longer, of course, but we are curious about the other one. Will be opened with the same employees? We would enjoy any news about what is going on as people take to long to up date the sites corelated.

Hi there Cecilia, an hour ago or so I drove by Key Largo and I’ve seen a cleaning company busy inside the casino. They’ve been busy for almost two weeks. I think Key Largo is going to open in a few more short months. I don’t think they are going to open with the same people. Most former employees just couldn’t wait for Key Largo to reopen so they found new jobs elsewhere. In fact Key Largo is still hiring. Thanks for visiting.

Hi, here we are in July. Any news referent the little ex Key largo casino? Is the cleaning, renovation and etc… ready?
We are very curious about what is going on with the Casino and also with the Aruban resort. Please up dated me as the sites don’t change…….

Steve, The Aruban has been cleaned up and is up and running. What you can expect is the resort to have house keeping service, two working pools with one pool bar. There’s no food service. For food you need to go across to La Cabana which has three restaurants and other food providers such as coffee, ice cream and pizza (Sbarro).

Hi, I’ve read in a Aruba forum that the litle Casino Key largo would open on July 1st. Any thruth on this news???? We are really very curious about it. What about the big old La cabana? Did the project of renovation estarted?
Thanks for your up date on the matter.

Hi again Cecilia, Key Largo Casino is still not functioning. The renovation of former Royal Cabana Casino hasn’t started either. I can tell you that renovation millions from Icahn Group has not started to flow into this development. Things aren’t moving.

Buen dia, estoy muy preocupada por la situación del Resort, he pagado cuotas de mantenimiento por 9 años, he pagado además la Cuota de Remodelación y veo que el Resort en manos de Icahn Gruop no se ha recuperado, está trabajando con las cuotas de mantenimiento, ¿será que volveremos a perderlo?.
Gracias, Maclori

Me parece muy improbable que Icahn vaya a dejar a perder esta propiedad que adquirio recientemente. Yo tambien estoy sorprendido por la lentitud, pero al final creo que van a cumplir. Lei sobre la compañia y se ve que tienen fondos suficientes para invertir. Hay que haber una razon que no han comensados con las renovaciones. Tan pronto que sepa mas escribire sobre esto.

Buen dia!!! estaré para el mes de Octubre en Aruba, pero la semana próxima van otros familiares y ellos me traeran noticias, la verdad es que NO estamos dispuestos a seguir perdiendo dinero, son muchos años cancelando y cancelando y nada de estafa en estafa. Ya veremos entonces, cuando sepa algo más, les informo.
Que pase usted buen dia.

Hi Gabriel, how are the news about the Aruban Resort, the former Key Largo Casino, and the work on the old Royal Cabana Casino? Can you put me up to date about these topics? I am very curious and also ancious to know what is going on in Aruba. I’ve tried to enter the site of the Aruban Resort but nothing new can be read. We read only about fees!!!!! Please answer me ok? I will be in Aruba in December, will I find something different uppon my arrival? It’s true that the La Cabana Resort will have their own little Casino by December? Hopping to hear from you.

Hi Gabriel. The Tropicana Group finally took over. I imagine that now you have something new to tell us. They said that the litle casino will be opened by the end of the year. Have you heard something about? It’s true that the La Cabana will open a Casino also? Hope to hear from yours news.

Hi Gabriel, I sent you a e-mail but up to now no answer. Do you have any news about the little old Key largo Casino? Will be opened by December? And how about the casino in the La Cabana Resort. Any thruth in this news? Anxious to hear from you.

I apologize Celia for not getting back to you sooner. In reality the situation at The Aruban Resort has not changed since my previous comment on this subject matter.

Voy llegando al TROPICANA!!!!!! el dia 22 de Octubre, así que cuando regrese les informo de ¿cómo están las cosas????.

I’m so confused! Who are the current owners of what use to be “The Aruban Resort” which went to “Royal Resorts” and now who? Are they opened? If not, when will the resort be up and running?

This hotel is owned by investment group Icahn Partners. They acquired bankrupt assets of The Aruban Resort earlier this year.

Yes, the resort is open and still operated under the name “The Aruban Resort at Eagle Beach”.

Hello!!!!! ya estoy de regreso del Aruban, que me fue muy mal. Sufrí un accidente en el Resort que me ha llevado a una fractura en el pie derecho y asistencia del General Manager fue de lo peor!!!!! Gracias al Capital HUMANO de los empleados del Resort pude sobre llevar la situación, mi accidente lo ocasionó una tanquilla de drenaje pintada del color de la grama???!!!!!!! ¿qué les parece????? justo AL DIA SIGUIENTE DE MI LLEGADA AL ARUBAN Y Gracias al Consulado de mi país estoy ya de regreso.
Nada de indemnización y menos responsabilizarse de mi situacuón y el Lunes de la semana que termina ha habido otro accidente de una ciudadana Norteamericana que ha tenido traumatismo en su pié izquierdo y el Manager, ja,ja,ja,….. En eso se ha convertido el Aruban en una tierra sin alma, y sin sentimiento, ahhhhhhh 12 de OWNERS llevo en el Resort.
No quiero saber más nada, ya NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO más.
Abrazos para todos y alertas cuando vayan al Aruban.

My family and I have been members for 11yrs. It’s time for someone to step the game up like the old days of fun, laughter, festivities, love etc…I hope they are thinking about a logo that will be SPECTACULAR you know a show stopper. It’s LONG OVERDUE!!

Rhonda I know what you mean. I’m not sure if they succeeded in this. Quietly they have presented the new logo and website a short while ago and quite frankly I thought it was lackluster. Better than the old but still. Judge for yourself: Thanks for the comment.

Hey, does anyone know if the Tropicana Aruba is open yet? What does it look like? Is it a nice facility? Are lots of patrons showing up?

I’m afraid to report that nothing has really changed on the resort. “The Aruban Resort” titles are still outside and the whole structure is pretty much the same. Thanks for the comment.

El tropicana ARUBA está abierto, es más están ya remodelando las instalaciones y los owners tiene buenas espectativas. Puede visitar el troparuba y verlo usted mismo.
saludos. [Translation by Admin: The Tropicana Aruba is open, they are remodeling the property and the owners have good are positive. You can visit and look for yourself. Greetings.]

Gabriel,Just wondering if work is being done at Acqua?
Was told after the storms work would be in full force.We do have money vested in the condo and it’s hard to believe too much of what they tell us. If you drive by, please let me know. Thanks Mary Ann

Mary Ann Acqua said that they would restart the construction in November 2010 and indeed they did. At the same time I have to say that today when I drove by there around 3 PM (2 hours ago) there wasn’t much construction activity, if any. It seems that they don’t work when it’s raining or only work one early shift per day.

Thank you for driving by. Please keep me informed if you hear anything of importance Acqua seems to take one step forward and three backwards. Signing a purchase agreement is rather scary.

Thank you for the update. By the way there has been several dates mentioned in the past that it would reopen, but never happened. Do you know for a fact that the casino will be up and running in February 2011? Thank you for commenting.

yes gabriel,the little casino must open in february .I used to work there till it became bankrupt.a slot technician manager told me that the owner told him last week that the casino will open in february.let’s hope that it is true this time!

Does Tropicana plan to renovate the whole facility? By when? When I bought the timeshare I was shown a beautiful room. Now we only have outdated rooms and it seems like fraud to me.

All good questions Rhonda. I haven’t seen a timetable for the renovation. In fact, after Tropicana was acquired the new owners said they had big plans. Since I haven’t heard anything.

As soon as I hear something I will write about it.

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