Umbrellas Make Appearance

Some service providers started to work within the rules and offer removable umbrellas to customers. In below pictures you’ll see some of the ideas that are out there with some being nicer than others.

One thing I like about this effort is that they didn’t overdo it. There are just a few out at that specific spot at Eagle Beach. They rent them out for $25 a day, unlimited use which includes two beach chairs. They accept credit card, FYI.

Eagle Beach shade
New umbrellas side by side with palapas, with cords to prevent the wind blowing them away

The one thing I don’t like about this is, I could see it become a bit stale, perhaps they blend too much with the white surroundings (although colorful umbrellas might be an eye soar). Someone commented in the past that these things could become a chaos when there are too many. A wind gust could also be tricky. I hope they figure things out.

Eagle Beach shade
It has a cord to prevent the wind from blowing it off

Eagle Beach shade
Looks nice

Eagle Beach shade
Don’t plant it just put it; not the best looking palapa

Eagle Beach shade
This is ugly, but I understand the effort

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