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United Airlines Grounding Airplanes

Yet again another major air carrier decided to ground airplanes for extra checks to the aircrafts. This time it’s United Airlines’ turn to cancel hundreds of flights. The aircraft type which is going to receive further review is the Boeing 777.

Apparently all the checks are done as a “precautionary” safety measure as there is no imminent danger towards the passenger, according to the airline. American, Delta and now United are doing these checks in the aftermath of the discovery of what seems to be metal fatigue with a Southwest Airlines Boeing 737.

US’ aviation authority, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), is scrutinizing the maintenance books on other airlines. At this point the FAA hasn’t mandated any checks related to the Southwest-incident. However, airlines seem to react proactively before any order from the FAA.

I guess it’s a good thing that airlines take these measures, but it makes you think about the air safety in general. How about the hundred other airlines in the world? I also read an article about how major airlines are pushing US lawmakers to be less rigid with airlines, especially with the latest struggles airliners are facing nowadays.

United Airlines flies several times from Chicago and Washington to Aruba using the Airbus A320. It’s highly unlikely the canceled flights will have an impact on travelers to Aruba.

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