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Unusual Jellyfish Spotted In Natural Pool

Aruba has one national park, which encompasses nearly 20% of Aruba’s total size. To put it into perspective, if this would be the case for the United States, the local, Aruba National Park Foundation, would control a landmass about the size of Texas, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, New York, and Pennsylvania combined!

The National Park offers beautiful sites such as ancient caves, dunes, beaches, rock formations, and the most popular of all, Natural Pool.

Latest in the National Park

Earlier this year park officials made news headlines when they started to ban certain activities within the park. Among measures was to prohibit or limited traffic movements of motorized vehicles. UTV’s are banned and other tour vehicles are restricted.

One of the most impacted locations with massive affluence of people is Natural Pool. The restrictions as described above, helped reduce the flow of foot traffic at the pool.


Reports indicate that jellyfish was seen in the Natural Pool. This is a rare occurrence. According to eyewitness reports, they only saw baby jellyfish. Nevertheless, some people were stung, but as far as I know, nothing too serious.

As a result officials decided to close the Natural Pool until further notice.

Although, it is not common to spot many jellyfish around our beaches, it does happen when there are storm systems in the Caribbean, which is currently the case.

It has been raining more than usual the last few weeks. Don’t let this discourage you however, Aruba rainfall is usually strong, but short-lived.

Aruba offers many activities and excursion that don’t require to get into the water. When in doubt book one of those. How about trying Jolly Pirates? Not a sponsor, I just happen to like that activity.

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