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Up And Coming Water Sport

As Aruba is surrounded by the Caribbean Sea there is a lot of water to do sport in. Traditionally water sport is very popular in Aruba.

Motorized water activity has always dominated the scene at Palm Beach and Eagle Beach. There has been a change in the scene now-a-days. Apart from motor water scooters and parasailing there are other activities that are up and coming.

Surfing was the first true physical water sport available but now there are two other sports that are becoming more popular lately, namely kite surfing and kayaking.

Kite Surfing

There are several classes one can take for kite surfing north of Marriott Resort Aruba. There are several companies that offer classes. One of those companies for example is called Aruba Active Vacation. They offer several levels of lessons, please check their kite surf section.


There aren’t any rivers in Aruba; naturally the kayaking happens on the sea. Not the rough sea. The most calm parts of the sea are on the south side of the island where kayaking is done. Specifically Mangel Halto or Surfside Beach.

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