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Update: Acqua Condo Construction

Acqua Condo Update
Acqua Condo ahead

This post continues on last week’s announcement of updates on the construction efforts at the various projects currently ongoing all around Aruba, mostly in the Eagle Beach and Palm Beach areas.

I can report that Acqua condo project continues without any issues. Currently they are close to pouring the last floor of the first tower. Acqua is going to have 14 floors in total. Meanwhile, the pouring of the foundation of the second tower has started as well.
When the economic recession started last year some stakeholders became wary of investing in condo projects in general, forcing Acqua developers to issue a statement declaring the solidity of this development. Thus far the project seems fine.

Acqua Condo Update
View at the construction and office of Acqua Condo

Acqua Condo Update
Construction and crane at Acqua Condo

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3 replies on “Update: Acqua Condo Construction”

I would really like to know any information on Acqua Condos. We want to buy a two bedroom and we are just worried about losing our money. Please keep us updated.
Thank you

Donna, I understand your concern. Truth be told you're not the only one who has contacted in regards to this project. You're right, it is a nice project, I've toured the demonstration condo and it's awesome. You are contacting me that means you are aware of the issues (in the past).

Last week Acqua Condo sent out a press release stating that after all the problems now the construction is going forward “blazing fast”. I can attest to the fact that the construction is moving fast ahead. I'll keep you updated though.

What is the rusk of placing a deposit on a condo here on 1 to 10 scale. 1 being I will lose my money and 10 no way my money us at risk.

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