Update: Baby Beach Almost Finished

Baby Beach Aruba
New Baby Beach

The metamorphosis at Baby Beach is almost complete. For the last few months work has progressed rapidly where the beach receive – a much needed – face lift. New huts, or palapas, were installed in favor of the decades old ones. Freshly planted trees are also prominently present.

The beach has been devastated in 2004 when Hurricane Ivan passed near Aruba, causing little damage to the island, but ruined the beautiful Baby Beach. Unprecedented waves crushed upon the beach flattening almost everything in its path. After almost five years, Baby Beach never fully recovered, until now. The massive 2004 hurricane did one thing good though. It created a coral rock reef just outside Baby Beach were good snorkeling is possible now.

Baby Beach has recovered its old glory and is now better than ever. The new structures on the beach hides a little of the refinery that has always been in the background, a real eye soar. The beach has been further restricted for motorized vehicles, which is always a good thing. Some, though, claim that they prefer the previously more natural look of Baby Beach. It gave it authenticity and credibility. I respect that opinion, but completely disagree. Way before any type of commercialization hit the island, many beaches were filled with palm trees and grape trees, and those are precisely the two kind of trees that’s planted now. If anything Baby Beach is more authentic than ever. The palapas and trees will bring much needed shade as well, as you can see in above picture.

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