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Update Construction Amsterdam Manor, Westin Aruba & Marriott Aruba

Yesterday I drove by Amsterdam Manor at Eagle Beach and noticed more containers has been added outside the perimeters of the resort. Plenty of additional dumpsters decorate the area like a regular construction site.

Amsterdam Manor has been playing around with expansion plans for a long time, this round doesn’t seem to be an expansion but ‘merely’ renovation. In a follow up post I will have more details and some shots of the construction.

Meanwhile Westin has picked up the pace on their renovations. In a related post I wrote about how the construction is not so noticeable and now, a few days later, it is very noticeable. They shut down the upper lobby completely and there are some cranes very active too.

On the first of October Marriott Aruba started with their renovations and I was wondering how much it would disrupt visitors arriving. Now I have the answer to that. They shut down the entire entrance of the resort, consequently the lobby is inaccessible. Anyone staying at Marriott Aruba now has to use the lobby of Aruba Marriott’s Ocean Club next door.

I will have some shots of these renovations soon.

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