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Entrance Marriott Aruba
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Renovations Aruba Marriott

First picture shows Marriott’s titles, second shows Marriott’s entrance

When you book a holiday you’ll receive plenty of valuable information from either your travel agent or airline, but one thing they just might forget to inform you about is whether or not your resort is being renovated. Some people might find this alarming. Fact of the matter is that no one really wants to deal with that pesky construction noise or dust while on vacation.

In all fairness many resorts try to keep the noise level to a minimum while renovating with guests in house. I’ve quizzed several visitors about this particular renovation at Aruba Marriott and they all have confirmed to me that the noise level was acceptable, in fact no one (I talked to) really had any complaints.

This round of renovation at Aruba Marriott is the most extensive one in its decade-plus history. Not only the front of the resort and lobby are being renovated also big part inside and past the lobby is being renovated.

I haven’t seen any construction related discounts given by Marriott. It seems like management feels they can offer the same level of service to their guests as they normally would in normal circumstances.

If you want to learn about the latest news regarding your resort, whether it’s being renovated or any other construction surrounding your resort, please visit this site frequently or leave a friendly comment with a request to find out.

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