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Update: Coral Pyramid Construction

Coral Pyramid Aruba
Coral Pyramid viewed from Wilhelmina Park

One of a kind development – city luxury condos – Coral Pyramid has been under construction for several months now. This development is certainly unique, as it features 5 luxury units – only one on each floor – and includes its own parking garage below.

The development started with fervor, however, as of late it seems like the pace of the construction has come down considerably. Perhaps the development has slowed on purpose in order to give opportunity for the economy to further recover, followed by international buyers.

Coral Pyramid certainly stands out in Aruba’s capital. It is one of the highest buildings in the area and its architecture is peculiar. Don’t expect these penthouse apartments to be in reach of all budgets. Currently I don’t manage the asking prices yet, however, a unit most probably will sell  for more than a 1M florins ($570K) for sure.

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