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Update: Morgan’s Island Water Park Prices

Update 1: Morgan’s lowered the prices!
Update 2: Morgan’s Island is no more

Morgan's Island Aruba Aqua Park
Admission Fees at Morgan’s Island

It’s been a few days since Morgan’s Island Aruba Aqua Park opened its doors. Slowly people are finding their way to the water park. I must remind you that there is still some work to be done at the water park, especially outside and in the back of it. Most attractions are functional however.

Located near Eagle Beach, it sits tall and centrally for all visitors to find. Accessibility therefore is perfect. The theme at this water park is about pirates and it obviously caters towards the younger visitors. However, there are some really wicked serious slides which are obviously for adults only. After the jump more about the prices and some suggestions.

Following are some key-information about Morgan’s Island:

  • Morgan’s is open daily
  • Opening time is 10 am to 6 pm
  • Admission is $57 for adults and $47 for children from 3 to 12 years old (3 years old and younger is free)
  • Reduced admission fees from 3 pm to 6 pm: adults $47 and children $37
  • Admission for locals is in florins fl. 57 for adults and fl. 47 for children, bring ID to verify
  • There is a gift shop on premises
  • Bring your own towels
  • There are restaurants
  • There is care service for young children
  • Total size of the park is over 80,729 square feet (7.500 square meters)

Following results of a quick poll about the admission fees.

Water Park Poll

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24 replies on “Update: Morgan’s Island Water Park Prices”

Well, uhm the prices are good here… well yeah, but I doubt tourists will pay such a quantity that easily! A water park in the US is 25 dollars for admission, and it’s much bigger with more attractions. I think the prices are extremely high!

You make an interesting point. My first reaction upon learning about the prices was also that it was a bit on the high side. However, I did some homework and learned that the prices at Florida and California water parks range from $26 to $48. The sizes and attraction varies from park to park obviously. Some of these water parks have huge number of visitor that no Aruba water park could ever reach, or even the whole island for that matter.

However, I reckon that the pricing policy of Morgan’s didn’t take into consideration how much the admission at other water parks elsewhere is, but rather how much other activities cost in Aruba. There aren’t many activities that go for $57 for 8 hours in Aruba. In example, you couldn’t get a water scooter (SeaDoo) for that money even for half an hour.

Another point to take into consideration is the fact that Aruba lacks enough activities for minors and this water park could be an interesting option for youngsters.

Are the prices too high? To use a very old saying: time will tell.

Those prices are ridiculous. I don’t see much value in spending $200-300 at a water park when the beach next door is free.

We were in Orlando in October, and Disney’s Blizzard Beach is 30-40% less.

Durante carnaval y semana santa nan a duna descuento pa local. Tin biaha mucha gratis, otro biaha 25 florin pa persona. Mester ta keda pendiente pa nan anuncio den prensa pa sa ki biaha nan lo duna atrobe.

I can’t wait to return to Aruba – for my 6th visit; and, my friends want real bad to visit the waterpark. No price for any time or attraction at Aruba is overpriced! Please take my personal pledge – ‘if I have the loot to blow there, I will blow every penny (or florin)!’

I’m not sure they accept IDs from Bonaire. I guess you can try to speak Papiamento if you could. Locals pay 39 florins as opposed to 39 dollars. Occasionally Morgan’s stunts with prices for locals such as 25 florins per person. Thanks for commenting.

For just a bit more money you can go to De Palm’s Island which has not only a waterpark (although smaller) but also snorkling, beach, and food included. The Kids and adults loved the Island and the water park!!!!

I returned from Aruba yesterday, I spent two weeks there and visited twice Morgan Island water park and I think the price is accessible for tourists and is a great way to have fun in Aruba. I went last year to The Palm Island and you pay 70 dollars, the water park is very small, ridiculous and the activities they offer you can find at any hotel. So Palm Island is horrible, don’t go there, there are better ways to spend that money. Visit Morgan Island water park.

I’ve gone to Aruba several times and it is very expensive the atracction…
I can buy 1 trademarked shirt with that money (like a Lacoste one, or two TH :)….)
I am planning to go to Aruba in a month… I’d like to know the Morgan water park.. i’ll try… (but… i think it is expesive yet).

Good day,

I will be going to Aruba this month Dec. Well I wanted to know since I was born in Aruba but now Live in the states & do speak papiamento, would they charge me tourist price & local price? Thanks, and I can’t wait to get to ARUBA 🙂 ONE HAPPY ISLAND:)

I don’t think you are going to get any problems with the prices. They might ask you for a local ID but when they here you speak papiamento I’m sure they won’t. Have a great vacation when coming back home.

I went 2 Morgan’s island like allot of times. And in July I’m going 2 Aruba again 2 enjoy Aruba and off course Morgan’s island. Morgan’s Island rocks.

I’m from Curacao and last Oct. we were in Aruba and enjoyed it a lot. For sure we visited Morgan’s. Now this Oct. we will be visiting Aruba again and it’s a pity hearing that Morgan’s closed. We had a lot of fun there. I hope they get a new buyer. In my opinion Morgan’s was not expensive.

fui a aruba el año pasado y no pude ir , vulvo este año para noviembre , ya estaran abiertos no me parece caro me parece que la tarifa es buena porque uno vas es por disfrutar

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