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Update: Oasis Condo Construction Progress

Pool construction at Oasis condo

Some developments choose the path of noise and drama to bring the project to the attention of the public, in some cases to potential clients. Others, on the other hand, choose a much subtle path by quietly developing the project and use an army of partners to bring the project to the attention of potential clients.

Oasis condo at Eagle Beach is a development which chooses to keep a low profile. This small condo complex is quietly moving ahead with the construction. The other day we toured the premises and received an update on the progress. The structure, build on steal beams, has advanced nicely. Additionally the construction of the pool has started.

The development of the main pool started recently with the installation of the frames, where concrete is going to be poured down soon. The shape of the pool is playful, while the pool it self isn’t big. Keep in mind that Oasis condo is small and doesn’t require a big pool. Also, don’t forget that Eagle Beach is a stone throw away.

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3 replies on “Update: Oasis Condo Construction Progress”

I am interested in finding the prices for this condo, I went this weekend and saw the ad. I live in Panama City, Rep. Panama.

Hi there Brenda, thank you very for commenting, I always appreciate that. Firstly I would like to comment to you that this website functions as a independent observer of the real estate market in Aruba and is not affiliated to any project. We don’t do ads either. Having said all of this I can tell you about the prices. From the information I have, the most basic units start from US$320.000.

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