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Previously I’ve written about the rise of condominiums in Aruba and several other projects in the pipeline. From all of these Oceania Residences seems to be the one that fits best in Aruba’s environment in comparison to other projects of similar nature.

I’ve learned a few more details about Oceania condo. The pre-construction prices start at $300.000,- to $1 million-plus. and indeed the project is almost completely sold out. The developer is Pering (Perret Ingeniéros) [page in Spanish] from Venezuela, co-financier is very respectable business bank AIB (Aruban Investment Bank) and real estate sales is done by 1st Option Real Estate.

Real Estate in the Caribbean is surprisingly affordable, ocean front however is a different story. Ocean front properties in the Caribbean are very expensive indeed. Oceania, meanwhile, is relatively inexpensive.

I want to take a look into my crystal ball for a moment and speculate about this particular one. If the majority of Oceania condos are sold like they claim, it happened in a relatively short time-span. This could have two reasons:

  1. the Realtor is extremely talented and very gifted in marketing, or
  2. investors-speculators bought large portions of the condo with the intent to re-sell them later and bank a sweet profit.

Not to undermine the work of the Realtor, I truly think the second reason is more likely the case due to the fast pace this condo was sold.

Oceania project is moving ahead as you can see in above photographs. First shot shows the front of Oceania with newly added titles and the second shows the board with the project details.

By Gabriel

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7 replies on “Update Oceania Condominium”

Me Again,

What about Oceania? Sounds like good location and price. Do you know best way to contact them?

Thanks again

Teri, Oceania Residences is very beautiful, if you stay there you will be a pioneer in Aruba tourism. The cheapest unit they offer is a studio type of room with kitchen, bed etc, plus an ocean front view for $250 per night. Eagle Beach is across street and quiet.

This place is brand new and squeaky clean and very quiet. Next door is construction of the other phases ongoing as you can see in the picture, but I don’t expect that to be a problem.

To rent a condo there you need to go and click on “Rentals” in the navigation bar up top, click on the room you would like and click on “Rates & Reservations”, where lastly you add you data. They are supposed to contact you.

If you have more questions just add another comment.

My question is I need the phonenumber of the security agent/guard/officer who’sworking ad the oceania complex please reply greetings Daniel Romeijnsen futer buyer of a appartement
in oceania

I’m not sure if I can help you find what you are looking for.

The information I manage is that Oceania outsourced its security unit to a separate company. It’s going to be difficult to find an individual with so little information.

If you need to get a hold on this person I suggest you contact Oceania directly at

I was down last week and happened to take a look. I was not impressed with the properties. They are priced decently, however, directly behind the property is a NEW, not yet opened water park complete with HUGE slides and you are right on top of it. Picture SCREAMING kids going down the slides at all hours. This alone made me not like it. This same water park also was the backyard for another new condo complex right next door.

Perhaps there are some units that don’t have that in their backyard, however, I didn’t see how it was possible.

I think the condo that might have an issue with that is Oasis Condo. Oceania Residences won’t because the most rooms face Eagle Beach. Indeed the water park is large.

For a quiet environment and still nearby Eagle Beach, perhaps Pearl Condo and Jardines del Mar is better suited. Both are small condos and at a distance from the water park. Jardines del Mar is actually next to the hospital, which is supposed to be quiet. There are several other – quieter – options elsewhere.

Thank you for your input.

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