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Update: Palm Beach Plaza Aruba Progress

Palm Beach Plaza Aruba
Landscaping planted by the entrance

Construction of Palm Beach Plaza shopping center project has advanced to the landscaping phase. After having dealt with some reported problems in mid-construction, this project is going to be delivered soon. There’s still a lot of work to be done though.

This shopping center is located adjacent to rival shopping center Paseo Herencia. It’s going to be interesting to see how the two projects are going to co-exist. Not only that, it’s going to be interesting to see how the prices per square meter is going to evolve.

Palm Beach Plaza is going to be a full service mall with a movie theater and restaurants built on 30,000 square meter (322,917 square feet) land. If you are interested in renting a unit, the price per square meter starts at $51 ($4.78 per square feet). For more information visit Palm Beach Plaza.

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10 replies on “Update: Palm Beach Plaza Aruba Progress”

Hi Gabriel,

Do you know which movie theater is going to open at Palm Beach Plaza? I heard of Caribbean Cinemas of Puerto Rico, but I’m not sure.


Hi there Brittany. Obviously there will be many well known store brands in Palm Beach Plaza, also local brands. Some stores that are confirmed are Guess and Tommy. I’ve been told that tenant coordinator of Palm Beach Plaza puts a lot of effort in making sure that the new tenants are divers and offer relatively little competition to one another. At least on the same floor. Expect to see perfume stores, jewelry stores and quick food restaurants. Additionally the ground floor will have one regular restaurant. Thanks for commenting.

I will be in Aruba from July 17 untill 8 August,
will i be able to visit The Palm Beach Plaza and are there now already some shops?

As of today Palm Beach Plaza is still not operational. Recently Palm Beach Plaza officials give shop owners the opportunity to start decorating their stores. Perhaps by the time you arrive it might open. It’s not going to take much longer.

I am trying to find out where to find the Hard Rock Cafe, and is it near any of the new shopping centers that have opened?

Hard Rock Cafe Aruba is located near the high rise hotel area, across the street of Radisson Resort. It is near the new shopping centers, indeed. Thanks for commenting.

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