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Update: Starbucks Aruba Soon

Starbucks coming soon
Starbucks Aruba coming soon at Renaissance Marketplace

As confusing as the banners may be – the banner on the left (below picture) says “Coming soon… Operated by Taste of Belgium” and the banner on the right (above picture) says “Coming soon… Starbucks Coffee (logo)”, plus they even have the same font type – Taste of Belgium isn’t the operator of Starbucks Coffee Shop in Aruba. Most probably the mall itself printed the banners, therefore causing a lot of confusion.

Nevertheless Taste of Belgium is awesome and I still would highly recommend it.

My report about Starbucks coming to Aruba is confirmed. In a big way I might add. In fact, the franchise holder, “Taste of Belgium” screams it out loud. They seem very proud. View below pictures.

To my understanding being able to get the franchise of Starbucks isn’t easy. A lot of requirements has to be met in order for a local company to land the Starbucks franchise. Franchise holder is local Taste of Belgium company, which is a catering/restaurant/chocolate company. Their restaurant, or bistro, at Paseo Herencia is awesome. I would highly recommend that place.

Starbucks’ business has been hit by the economy last year and the company had to take measures in closing several locations. It also received bad – opportunistic – mainstream press for being over-priced among others. Recently I spoke with a Seattle-based Starbucks executive here in Aruba on vacation about the whole situation. He had lots of interesting things to say, with the most important message to me that Starbucks’ coffee is awesome and the company is recovering. Oh, he added that they do sell simple, inexpensive coffees as well.

Starbucks coming soon
Taste of Belgium is franchise holder of Starbucks in Aruba

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5 replies on “Update: Starbucks Aruba Soon”

Hey! I’m very exited because in september i’ll go to Aruba.

And I’m wonder if there is any news about the Starbucks “coming soon”..

Cuz’ i’m Venezuelan, and here there is nothing like Starbucks! I’m dying to taste again a good coffee from there

So, have a nice day 😉

Andrea, Starbucks is fully functioning in Renaissance Marketplace shopping center. Additionally, Renaissance officials announced that Starbucks is going to open another coffee shop in Renaissance Mall. Thank you for commenting.

Starbucks Officially opened it’s second outlet in Aruba Friday, August 20. Congratulations, John! You worked hard for this. Hope you have several more…

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