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Update: Sunset Residence

Sunset Residence Entrance

In my continuing efforts to update you about the construction around beach areas, I recently got somewhat of an inside view of Sunset Residence near Eagle Beach. I have an idea about the construction details in the common areas. I still don’t have an overview on the inside of the rooms.

This project has been moving along blazing fast. I’ve never seen a construction project with this pace in a long time, perhaps ever. Is this the reason why I’ve detected a few shortcomings in the common areas? I’m enjoying the wooden railings in the hallway, but not the finish. The exposed piping in some areas is an eyesore, while the metal edges around the light fixture surely will corrode, even before the first owners arrive. The sheetrock ceiling needs some work as well.

Overall the finish seems sloppy and the material standard at best. The entrance is highly disappointing as well. It looks depressing, like a government office with unmotivated workers (above picture). Sunset Residence is a nice and small condo project, but the choice of material is questionable and surely isn’t high-end. I truly hope I jumped the gun with my opinion and that they are still working on things. Let’s hope the inside of the rooms make up for the outside.

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