Very Rare Dolphins Near Palm Beach

Dolphins near Aruba
Pictures by Bondia Aruba

This week Aruba has been pleasantly surprised by a rare visit of a school of dolphins. Earlier this week some dolphins even came ashore at Palm Beach, in the middle of a busy afternoon filled with tourist. This brought a lot of people on their feet with cameras to shoot this extraordinary occurrence. Some people even try to swim with them; perhaps they watch too many movies?

There where baby dolphins in between them. From what I understand there were some of these mammals in trouble and one even died. Aruba Mammal and Marine Foundation (AMMF) tried to send them away and back to the sea but some kept coming back.

Above picture shows another school close to Malmok Beach yesterday. AMMF is monitoring the beaches closely these days to study the behavior of these ‘Steno Bredanensis’-dolphins.

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