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Water Sport Service Providers’ Own Place

Rendering of platform for water sport companies [image by Amigoe]

Water sport service providers have been an disorganized bunch ever since inception of tourism in early 90s. Slowly but surely they were hit by government with rules and restrictions.

Now it seems that finally they might have found a home. The water sport association [they are organized now] had talks with officials and agreed in principle on a spot for them. Just south of Divi Phoenix and across the street from The Cliff condo [between Eagle Beach and Palm Beach] a new platform is going to be build, exclusively for the use of water sport companies.

The financing of this area is in hands of The Cliff condo developers. It’s mandatory for developers who build on public land to invest a percentage of the development’s budget in a project deemed necessary by the government. I really hope this project goes forward, because it would eliminate the chaos perhaps increase the service to tourists.

By Gabriel

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