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Watersports And Swimming On Eagle Beach

Recently officials announced the creation of new rules for motorboats (including jet ski’s and/or wave runners) at one of the most popular beaches of Aruba, Eagle Beach. These rules are supposed to increase the safety of people swimming and users of motorboats alike.

The new rules include the creation of a buffer zone of 75 meters (246 feet) after the swimming areas. Swimming areas are the areas that are shallow and calm enough for people to swim at Eagle Beach. In the buffer zone boats are not supposed to go full speed and vigilance is required. Visit this page to learn more.

Furthermore, special areas are marked where boats are allowed to reach the beach or piers and the maximum speed is 5 km/h (3 mph). All above mentioned areas are clearly marked with yellow buoy’s with a little light on top.

According to police officials these new rules give them new authority to penalize any infraction towards the new rules.

The resorts in the direct areas where the new rules are applicable are Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort, La Cabana Beach Resort, La Cabana Villas, Paradise Beach Villas, Marine Verlof Centrum, La Quinta Beach Resort and Costa Linda Beach Resort.

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