Weekend Beach: Moomba

View of Moomba Beach
Moomba Beach

It was very clever of the owners of Moomba Beach Bar & Restaurant to name piece of beach which is in front of their establishment “Moomba Beach”. Actually the name of this beach is regular old Palm Beach. Moomba became popular due to the activities that are to be found there.

The bar & restaurant itself organizes many activities in order to attract visitors to the beach. Additionally there is a very popular excursion which starts from there, namely Jolly Pirates. Up and coming at Moomba Beach is also ArubaSalsa, which offers lessons on several of the Caribbean’s hottest dances: Salsa, Merengue and Bachata.

Moomba Beach Bar & Restaurant is part of a relatively large hospitality company, Aruba Wine & Dine. It owns places such as Mambo Jambo, Sopranos Piano Bar and Tango Argentine Grill.

Have a great weekend.

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