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Where To Watch Sports In Aruba

In Aruba the most popular sports are football (in the US aka soccer) and baseball. Just this summer this island was paralyzed by the World Cup in South Africa, just like most of the world. All over the island big screens popped up, with Palm Beach Plaza mall having the biggest screen on the whole island, reportedly.

How about sports popular in the US such as football, basketball and baseball? The short answer is: everywhere. For example most pool and lobby bars have TVs with the weekend games on. In general most major games are broadcast in the hotel rooms. What about the big games during Superbowl, World Series and NBA Finals? World Series and NBA Finals are broadcast in most hotel rooms. The Superbowl sometimes is blocked in rooms at certain hotels. This is done in the hope for people to choose to watch the big game at the bars where beverages can be bought.

Champion’s at Marriott’s Ocean Club [image by]

If you’re seeking for a more sports bar environment, Champion’s at Marriott Ocean Club or Buster’s Sport Bar at South Beach Centre are options. Now, with the increased offers of bars and restaurants in Palm Beach, there are many additional options such at Palm Beach Plaza and Paseo Herencia centers. Don’t forget the casinos.

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