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Why Aruba Is Receiving Reservations Again

As strange as it might sound, people are making reservations as we speak.

Most areas in the world are still under some sort of restriction due to COVID-19. This is the case in Aruba as well. Aruba’s most important client base, east coast of the US, for the most part, is under some sort of restriction. Without knowing the outcome visitors are already booking flights and hotels to Aruba.

Price Drops

There are many underlying reasons as to why this is happening. Airfare prices might be a big factor in this. There are airlines offering flights from the east coast of the US to Aruba starting at $70 one-way. For the first time ever we are seeing this.

Expect also bargain prices from major hotels in Aruba, especially Marriott’s properties. Marriott and Marriott’s franchisees together are the biggest actors in the hotel scene in Aruba. Some of their brand include: Aruba Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino, Marriott’s Aruba Surf Club, Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino, Courtyard Aruba Resort, The Ritz-Carlton, Aruba.

Smaller resorts may have a different approach in terms of pricing and availability. AirBnB and other accommodation may also offering heavy discounts.


The reason people will travel again is not necessarily because they are bargain hunters, rather it’s out necessity. The need to take a break after a lock down is for an extended period of time is urgent. Something that is unprecedented for most. Wholeheartedly I share this sentiment, especially living on a tiny island. Can’t wait to be able to travel!


Local officials took a relatively forceful approach to curtail the import of the virus to Aruba. The Prime Minister put a halt to all inbound arrivals from March 21st, 2020 onward, followed by a complete lock down. Locals abroad weren’t able to come back either. The last measure has since been relaxed.

This approach is, together with the small-scale population, an insular territory, seems to make the virus somewhat more manageable. Another insular territory that is reportedly doing well is New Zealand.

Suggestions Before Booking

If you are booking your Aruba vacation for this year take a few things into consideration.

Aruba takes a relative stringent approach in terms to curtail the corona virus. Officials will continue to pursue strict guidelines to protect visitors and frontline employees from the virus. They want to protect the limited healthcare resources currently available.

This probably means that in case you show some sort of flue-like symptoms, it’s unlikely you will be allowed to deplane.

At the airport, expect longer lines and distancing measures to be in place. You need to exercise more patience than normal.

Transportation via taxi’s will probably require everyone to wear mouth protection, similarly upon arrival at the resort.

Major resort probably will have an app in place where you can check-in, so the front desk can be skipped.

In terms of the common areas, such as restaurants and pool, there will be sufficient space to keep distance. Aruba is not expected to have same tourism numbers for at least 2 years. Visitors will see an island not seen since the 1960s in terms of tourism numbers.

When booking make sure to learn about the cancelation policies of the various tourism service providers, avoid unpleasant surprises. If possible, acquire travel insurance.

The Coronavirus in Aruba is an ongoing event, the information is fluid. For the latest, please contact me your favorite way:

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