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Windjammer For Sale

Wind Jammer SV Polonysia
Windjammer Barefoot Cruises

Earlier this year I wrote about Windjammer SV Polynesia’s sad situation in Aruba. For the ones who don’t know, Windjammer Barefoot Cruises was cruise company specialized in offering Caribbean cruises that was very informal and small scale (about 130 people). It was a cool way to cruise the Caribbean, for sure.

After the company fell into some financial troubles, reportedly because of internal bickering, the ships were seized by parties demanding payment. One such ship was SV Polynesia. It’s the fourth time that they are going to try to sell it.

I speculated that SV Polonysia would end up at the bottom of the ocean as many – admittedly smaller – ships do, however, if sold the ship might rise again in its old glory. It will be the fourth time this deteriorated ship is going to be auctioned. The starting bid is $205,000, excluding $130,000 in costs. The ship was valued some time ago at $1.5 million.

By Gabriel

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Leon, the lowly ship still sits there lifeless after more than a year. I don’t think it’s sold yet, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to be sold any time soon. Sad.

I think the x-passengers should pitch into a fund. So we can have reunion vacations – and retire on it. Everyone bar none – had the times of their lives on these ships – these vacations — were the best I’ve ever had (and I’ve traveled a lot).

It’s incredibly disturbing how the company brought it out of existence and devalued these magnificent tall ships. If I had the money, I’d buy it in a nanosecond.

The Fantome is a deeply horrible story, with a shocking turn of events and decisions that cost lives.

The Flotilla website is great as well – check it out.

I’ve never cruised on that ship, but I had was invited to come aboard once when it was docked in Aruba, short before it ceased operations. The relaxed atmosphere that lives on board is really noticeable and really fits perfectly with cruising the Caribbean. It’s a shame.

Hey Gabriel, I read online that the ship left Aruba this week and that it was bought back by the same company.

Wow. we have travelled overall the world as well. they were the best advenuures of our lives. have been on legacy, mandalay,the poly, yankee clipper, etc many times. It will bring us all back together to the most awseome adventures of our lives. Sign us up captain sir. hopefully it will stay in the caribbean. the mandalay is in the galapagos. where are the others.
Geoff and Jayme

Some of the Windjammer ships met fates that sickens me. The Flying Cloud sits half sunk in Trinidad with her masts gone. Having been on her a number of times words do not describe this tragedy. These ships, like works of art.

Others have expressed similar passionate feelings about the sad fate many Windjammer ships are in. At least SV Polynesia seems to have been rescued. I haven’t read anything about its current state. Thank you for your comment.

For some strange reason my comment seemed to get “clipped” It should have went on to say….These ships, like works of art


Thank you for the comment. Indeed it was a beautiful ship. I had the honor to tour it once when is was docked in Aruba. I liked the atmosphere and the staff was gracious to me. The last I heard that is was sold and moved to Portugal. I have no idea what has happened to it.

First “jammer” I was on was in 1982 aboard the Fantome before it was overhauled. Sailed again on it a few years later after changes were made. I could have been on it that fatefull week, but decided to try the Mandalay a few weeks before the fantome was lost. Too bad about the Flying Cloud. I know there are a lot of people sick about these ships.

I sailed this beautiful ship in the ’90’s. The memory of raising the sales in the morning can still bring tears to my eyes. I always thought I would sale her again. Any news as to her fate?

No news about Windjammer. Last news – some time ago – is that it should be in Portugal. No similar project has been seen anymore in the Caribbean. Too bad, indeed.

I was one of two ship’s carpenters in the 70’s who redid all the state-rooms and things, etc. She was a beauty. Former flagship of the Portugese fishing fleet. Looked brutalized when whe first arrived….a million buck when she left. never sailed her, but spent many hot nights sleeping in a hammock way up in the rigging oppositte the S. Miami USCG station. Sorry about her condition……..

Hopefully someone can bring her back to life again. I would like to say that the one week I spent on her was the best. It’s hard to believe that she sits.

Hi Mary Ann, until today I can confirm that I’ve seen work done at the construction site of Acqua. It seems painfully slow with already years delay.

I was one of the engineers on the Polly back in the early 80s. So heart wrenching to see this happen.

Was the Flying Cloud ever rescued from Trinidad, or was is left to rot? had my honeymoon on that ship.

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