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Windjammer Sits Lifeless After One Year

Windjammer’s SV Polynesia chained in Aruba

It’s been almost one year since Windjammer cruises ceased operations across the Caribbean. Last year I read an article in The New York Times which stated that Windjammer was in financial jeopardy. Soon after that article, Windjammer ships were seized all over the Caribbean.

In Aruba’s main port in Oranjestad, Windjammer’s SV Polynesia was seized as well. According to Aruba’s port authority they decided to take this course of action in order to guarantee payments the company running Windjammer owed the harbor. Judging from above picture taken this week, the harbor is still waiting for payments.

When the ship was chained last year there were still passengers on board. Eventually they were flown out. Meanwhile the staff waited for their situation to be resolved. There was hope of a take-over from another party, but that hope was short lived. After help from the Red Cross and island officials, the staff was repatriated to their countries of origin. Windjammer was a popular Caribbean cruise known for being very informal, stayed long at ports and had sharp prices. It surely was different. I’m afraid that the next destination of SV Polynesia is the ocean floor.

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[…] Above picture is shot from shopping center Royal Plaza. The picture shows Emerald Princess just a few minutes before departure. Additionally, lowly catamaran SV Polonysia, owned by now defunct Windjammer Cruises still sits there lifeless. […]

We were in Aruba this week March 8-14 2009 and looked up the Polynesia due to the fact that we were on it for a week in 1990. We have tracked its history and this week I took pictures of it being pulled by a sea going tue to sea. My question is did some one buy it. Could you please reply.

Last Friday (March 13th 2009) SV Polynesia left Aruba after almost 1,5 years sitting in the harbor, rusting away. The ship was towed away with a tugboat leaving Oranjestad harbor, heading to its country of origin, Portugal. The next purpose for the ship is unknown, however it’s seems likely that it’s going to sail again.

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