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Yachts in Aruba

Sunset Yachts
Yacht’s pier just south of airport

The most trafficked road by tourists in Aruba is L.G. Smith Boulevard (named after the illustrious president of the old oil refinery). It stretches from the airport to the hotels and beyond. At one point the road passes the Meta Corp. properties (Renaissance Malls, Renaissance Resorts, Crystal Casino, Cinemas etc.) in the center of Aruba’s capital Oranjestad, where there’s a harbor with boats and yachts, also known as Renaissance Marina.

Upon driving in that area people notice that there aren’t that many ships or yachts in the harbor. There are only a handful of yachts docked at the piers. Indeed there aren’t so many there, albeit sometimes a couple of them are huge.

There are other places where yachts are docked. Places such as above picture. This yacht harbor is located behind the airport. There you will encounter a wide variety of boats in all sizes. Many of these boats are available for fishing charters. Contact your hotel concierge for more information.

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