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Yet Another Aruba Water Park Update

Morgan's Island Water Park
View of construction efforts at Morgan’s Island

Morgan's Island Water Park Aruba
Size of one of the slides at Morgan’s

Crane Lifting Slide At Morgan's
Another piece of a slide going up

Front View Morgan's Aruba
Morgan’s gift shop “El Corsario” ready for business

I suspect that there is a lot of anticipation for the opening of Aruba’s biggest water park, Morgan’s Island at Eagle Beach. Unfortunately I don’t have more technical details of the park like the size of the park, length of the slides and offered amenities.

What I do have is pictures. During the course of this month I’ve taken several pictures of Morgan’s, allowing the readers to have an idea as to how far the construction has progressed.

When I did “my round” the other day, it was noticeable that seemingly the construction efforts have picked up a bit. There was more activity than normal last month for instance. If every car parked represented a couple of construction workers, there must have been several when I drove there. Another thing that caught my eye was the fresh landscaping by the entrance.

The sign for the gift shop has been put up as well: “El Corsario Gift Shop”, Spanish for “The Pirate’s Gift Shop”. More updates will follow.

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It seems as if the work progresses on a very slow pace. The last I’ve seen is a new sign rise at the entrance. I’m going to take a couple of shots of it tomorrow.

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